Max. 5.0HPP Green Power AC motor with efficient AC driving system.

Incline range & Speed range

Incline range from 0 ~ 15 levels.
Speed range from 0.8 ~ 20 km/hr.


The length of running belt reaches 159.5 cm (63") and the width reaches 55 cm (21.6").
Such a running surface ensures the safety for all different users, no matter what kind of body shapes they have, while giving maximum running space to reach any length stride and side-to-side comfort.

Big blue backlight LCD monitor

11 different programs Help users to find their best personal course and level of workout.
6 pre-set PROGRAM profiles Provide 10 level adjustments for each pre-set program.
1 Manual program,1 Goal program,1 Heart Rate Control (HRC)program, 1 Racing program and 1 Custom program.

Speed & Incline Instant Keys

Helps to control speed and incline intensity.

Contact Pulse Measurement

Contact pulse measurement system Provides targets for advance training.

Equipped with powerful fan

Provide a nice cooling sensation while exercising.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 210 x 94.5 x 145 cm (unfold)
Weight 185 kg
Speed range 0.8~20 km/h
Incline range 15 levels
Motor Max. 5.0HPP Green Power AC motor
Running belt 159.5 x 55 cm
Type of monitor Large blue backlight LCD monitor
program 6 pre-set program / 1 MANUAL program / 1 Goal program / 1 Racing program / 1 HRC program / 1 Custom program
Easy tool bar Yes
In-built fan Yes
Heart rate sensor on handrails Yes
Wireless chest strap Optional
Bottle holder Yes
Wheels for transport Yes
Emergency stop Yes
MP3 compatibility Yes

*Specifications are subject to modification without prior notice due to continuous product development.

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