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▌ BH HiPower – Heavy Duty Commercial Line

HiPower by BH are professional cardiovascular and isotonic exercise equipments for gyms and fitness club. This products line is manufactured following the highest quality standards by BH group. Hipower cardiovascular series provides smart solution for you. You can choose the proper monitor display, TV console or LED consol, to meet your customers' need. And TR strength series is equipped with the most innovative design, Photovoltaic technology, which would meet the expectations of the beginners and most experienced users.

▌ Idea development

BH helps you to design the fitness room of your gym or fitness club, making complete tailored projects customized to your needs and designed for you. The program BH.Idea Development offers you:

1.Complete design, key in hand, of the training space

2.Optimization of your interior design project

3.Customized projects according to each client's needs

4.Creation of unique and distinct environments for each project

5.Showing 2D, 3D and virtual tour

▌ Staff training

Staff training that will serve users is a key point and an essential factor for the business success. For that reason BH puts at the disposal of his clients the BH training program, which adapts the training to the need of each client. A flexible, complete and useful program, adapted to all levels which includes all the main aspects of a fitness business:

(1) Management of sports and fitness centers
(2) Customer service, marketing and sales, team coordination, etc.
(3) Use and proper maintenance of the BH fitness equipment
(4) Courses for trainers, group training, personal training, aquatics, strength training, etc.
(5) Latest trends in fitness, fitness for special populations, etc.

BH offerss a theoretical and practical customized content adapted to the needs of your facility, emphasizing the issues that really interest you. Offer a differentiated service, monitors trained in advanced techniques, manage your business in the most efficiently and productive way or motivate and cultivate the loyalty of your customer. BH will help you to reach it.

▌ Marketing support

As important as having the best fitness equipment is to provide a value added service to your customers. The marketing department of BH will guide you through your marketing strategy and to determine your position in the market. For the reason you can count on a comprehensive service that will provide you with global solutions for your business.

(1) Customization and creation of work spaces
(2) Creation of new atmospheres
(3) New trends in fitness
(4) Support for events and master class
(5) Communication campaigns
(6) Advice on marketing
(7) Design of communication elements, signaling and differentiation.

The promotion of your fitness center will depend on the ability to communicate its features and benefits. The experience and knowledge of BH helps you to make your business grow and to put the spotlight on generating extra income, visitor loyalty, creation of new partners, and differentiation of the offer over other centers' offers.

▌ After-service and warranty

At BH we strongly believe that the excellence in customer service is as important as high quality standard product. For this reason, we are committed to providing a service and an after sales assistance that fits the reality and needs of a gym's or fitness club's day-to-day activity.

(1) Fast and effective response
(2) Local engineers at different countries
(3) Digital support
(4) Product warranty

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