Hotel Gym

▌ More options - Select the proper equipments easily

In BH, we have different fitness equipments for you to choose. Both of HiPower & ProAction are BH commercial lines, but are designed according to different customers' needs. The selections of fitness equipment may be limited by the room space, customers' habit, utility, etc. and BH can help you to make the best decision to reach the max utility.

▌ Don't imagine, now you can see it!

Now, you no longer need to imagine how to plan your hotel gym may be, just simple look at it. BH provides you with the best 3D technology to give you an almost perfect vision of your hotel gym and the perfect distribution of the machines. Such a complete layout will perfectly fit the interior design or style of your hotel image.

1.Help you to select the perfect equipments that would satisfy your customers' needs.

2.Optimization of your interior space

3.Customized projects according to each client's needs

4.Showing 2D, 3D and virtual tour

▌ Staff training

How to maintain your hotel gym and to train your staff is the first priority. BH offers the complete training of basic maintenance and operation to your staff. Accompanied with the after-service and warranty, you would be able to manage your hotel gym more easily.

(1) Management of hotel gym
(2) Use and proper maintenance of the BH fitness equipment
(3) Courses for basic cardio training concept, strength training class, monitor training class, etc.

▌ After-service and warranty

At BH we strongly believe that the excellence in customer service is as important as high quality standard product. For this reason, we are committed to providing a service and an after sales assistance that fits the reality and needs of a gym's or fitness club's day-to-day activity.

(1) Fast and effective response
(2) Local engineers at different countries
(3) Digital support
(4) Product warranty

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