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▌ More options – Different combination for you

In BH, we have different fitness equipments for you to choose. Both of HiPower & ProAction are BH commercial lines, but are designed according to different customers' needs.
Some fitness centers are planned to meet some specific purposes, such as athletes training or for teenager workout. BH can offer different equipments with different specification levels. The equipments offered by BH will allow you to choose the perfect combination to meet the contract or budget.

▌ Key in hand service

BH design team seeks the best distribution according to the characteristics of the room, the customers' target type, user flows, and the best use of space of each fitness center so that both you and your customers like the fitness project. Because we provide you with the best 3D technology to give you an almost perfect vision of the fitness center, the distribution of the machines, and the interior design that we propose for it.

1.Complete design, key in hand, of the training space

2.Optimization of your interior design project

3.Customized projects according to each client's needs

4.SCreation of unique and distinct environments for each project

5.Showing 2D, 3D and virtual tour

▌ Staff training

Staff training is a key point and an essential factor for you to maintain the facility. For that reason, BH offers comprehensive training programs for different clients. These programs adapt the training to the need of each client. A detail, complete and useful program are adapted to all levels and the experience and knowledge of BH helps you to make the after-service more easily.

▌ After-service and warranty

At BH we strongly believe that the excellence in customer service is as important as high quality standard product. For this reason, we are committed to providing a service and an after sales assistance that fits the reality and supports you to accomplish the contract.

(1) Fast and effective response
(2) Local engineers at different countries
(3) Digital support
(4) Product warranty

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