3D Biking

3D Biking

Professional spinning bike training platform

There are two mode: training mode and competition mode. Coaches can arrange their course, intensity, RPM and music, and they can also monitor user performance. There are abundant scene in competition mode with multiple perspective shifting. Moreover, our software supports BLE heart rate wrists helping coaches to understand users status in time. From workout reports, users can also know their workout status and performance. 3D Biking is a training and entertaining software which combined with scientific measurement and professional information.

Virtual Reality Scene

Multiple virtual reality scenes increase the fun of exercise and keep the freshness of members to strengthen the cohesion and attraction.

Achievement System

Various levels of badge system enhances the competitiveness of members and improve the attendance rate.

Workout Report

Visualized workout data assist members in analyzing data and achieving training goals.

Virtual Reality Scene

Coaches can set speed, riding posture, duration and intensity to enhance teaching effects.

Music Editing

Provide editing functions including fade in and fade out, and speed changing in time to increase the interest in workout.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Support heart rate straps to track workout status at any time for keeping training safe and effective.

Multiple Riding Routes

Various styles of riding routs are constantly updated, allowing members can experience the fun of different scenes during the class and stay active to the workout.

During the course, there are clear course objectives to ensure the benefits of workouts. Moreover, animation guidelines makes it simple and clear to understand.

Real-Time Control

Coaches can control music and course objectives by the tablet, and from real-time data monitoring, the coaches can guild members more easily and efficiently.

Tablet Controller

Coaches can examine members'performance and status in real time.
After your exercise, workout data will be saved completely including calories, watt, duration and distance. All of your training data will keep accumulating.

Custom Training Courses

The course interface displays an overview of each course, including strength, RPM, time and riding action. Custom training course is available.

Platform Integration

Members can quickly scan the QR code to log in and view reports through communication platform (Line、WeChat、Facebook Messenger) . The report deliver data-visualisation to hels members closer to their training goals.

Badge Achievement System

Three kinds of badge design to encourage members to collec the achievements and enhance class adherence.

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