MAX Interactive Programme

You can choose directly from the independent MAX button from console. The built-in Max programme seems Like a virtual coach guides you to perfectly a highLy intervaL training.

A&M2 Resistance system

Air plus magnetic-dual resistance system produces the smoothest and demanding feeling you have ever tried. Increases resistance to air for the most demanding workouts.

Vertical Elliptical Motion

By increasing the range of up and down motion, the vertical ellipticaL motion strengthens up to 30-40% training effect of thighs. The ultra smooth operation of WG880 with low-impact motion offers the best intensive training.

Oversize Anti-slip Pedals with Fixed Strap

The exclusive fixed strap of the pedaLs prevents any injury cause especially during intensive striding. Easy entry and Large pedals are designed for extra safety.

Auto Guided System

It allows to increase the stride speed without any risk.
The design of Lower guard bow efficiently prevent derailments.

Space Saving Design

Comparing to typical commercial elliptical machines, the compact dimensions of WG880 help you to arrange the space of your fitness center.

Heavy duty bearings

The heavy duty bearings allow the rotation movement be more smooth and quiet. They could keep the baLance of the track, efficientLy prevent from derailing.

Contact pulse measurement system

The system allows users to monitor the heart rate while exercising and aLso provides targets for advance training.

2 large backlit LCD screens

12 pre-set training profiles with 24 intensity LeveLs
4 Heart Rate ControL Programs (HRC) (55% / 75% / 90% / THR)
Recovery test (RT)
Random program (RP)

Dimensions (LxWxH) 160 x 67 x 175 cm
Weight 95 kg
Drive Technology Dual resistance system A+M2 ( air and magnetic )
Resistance Levels Variable ( air ) + 24 levels ( magnetic )
Stride 20"
Type of monitor 2 large backlit LCD screens
Programs 1 manual / 12 training programs ( 24 intensities ) / 5 user programs ( uPrg ) / 4 heart rate control ( HRC ) / 1 personal / 1 SWR / Fitness test ( FT ) / Recovery test ( RT ) / Random program ( RP )
Data readout Time / RPM / Distance / Calories / Pulse / Calories/mins
In-built fan Yes
Heart rate sensor on handrails Yes
Wireless chest strap Optional
Bottle holder No
Wheels for transport Yes


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