Real Run Series 跑步機

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) tool

The propelling technique required to drive the belt forward, increases glute & hamstring activation.

5.5" LCD display

The performance monitoring design tracks your time, distance, calories burned, watt, pace, and heart rate from a stylish display.


The curved treadmill base ensures a true, natural running motion.

4 Levels of resistance


160*44cm running surface


slatted belt increases feel and comfort while exercising.


Dimensions (LxWxH) 172 x 81 x 170 cm
Weight 135
Resistance system Magnet
Intensity (levels) 4 levels
Speed range (km/h) User Defined
Poiwer Requirement Self-powered
Running belt (cm) 160 x 44
Transmission system Double transmission
Type of monitor 5.5" LCD
Data readout Time / Speed / Distance / Calories / Pulse
Programs 7 Workout Modes including 20/10, 20/10, Custom Intervals, 4 Target Settings
Wheels for transport Yes
Easy tool bar Yes


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