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27 JUNE 2022


Beverly Morazan

BH Fitness will be sponsoring the 2nd ESCCA Summit, to be held in Athens on July 1-2. The event will gather some of the world’s best S&C strength and conditioning coaches, doctors, and physios from elite basketball clubs, who will be sharing their knowledge and experience on high performance training, new methodologies and much more.

BH Fitness is proudly joining forces with ESCCA, as part of brand’s mission to bring the very best fitness equipment to Professional Clubs and help them reach further, in a market where biomechanics, workload management and technological solutions are key on the players’ development, injury prevention and recovery.

The agenda for the content rich two-day event will be cover some of the most relevant topics in the industry, such as:

  • Determining Workload on Basketball (Juan Trapero | S&C Coach at Real Madrid)

  • Navigating Return to Play in Professional Basketball (Maggie Bryant | Rehab Director at LA Clippers)

  • Rotational Stability and Power for Basketball Players (Ozan Sirikci | Anadolu Efes)

  • Physical Conditioning for Elite Female Basketball Players (Caterina Todeschini | S&C Coach at Basket Schio)

  • Speed & Agility: Teaching Movement Technique Before Loading (Kostas Chatzichristos | Head of Performance National Team of Greece

  • Minimizing the Risk of Injuries in the Euroleague: A Holistic Approach (Hugo Salazar | S&C Coach at Baskonia)

With this collaboration, BH Fitness wants to reinforce its commitment with high performance, a market where the Spanish brand already helps docens of clubs worldwide to achieve their training goals, including Atletico de Madrid from La Liga, Baskonia from the Euroleague and many others in Europe, Asia or Latin America.

A perfect combination of Cardio, Strength, Functional Training and Free Weight Training, plus the athlete management platform GYMLOOP that delivers monitoring data in real time, makes BH FITNESS the perfect partner to any elite club who wants to raise the bar of their training premises to a premium level and to have an impact on the way the athletes are prepared for a long season at their peak level with no injuries.

Because elite clubs require elite equipment!

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